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My name is Marcus Edvalson. I’m a freelance product designer, entrepreneur and family man. I live and work in Los Angeles, California, but serve the needs of companies and startups everywhere. Designing and perfecting product experiences has been a passionate pursuit of mine for the past 12 years.

Want to work together on something? Great! Fill out this form so I can get an understanding of what you need.

Scott Rutherford

CTO, Red Bull Sound Select

Marcus is one of the rare breed of designers who manages to combine an innate awareness of product and user experience with cutting edge design and a dash of pragmatism. On top of that whilst always being the consummate professional he is friendly and a pleasure to work with.

Sean Porter

Creative Director, Grail

Marcus is a solid creative visionary and his execution skills are top-tier in the industry. He thinks of solutions to problems from all angles choosing the most intuitive and elegant approach. He's a special, rare breed of tech entrepreneur that can take an idea from conception to visual realization in about a weekend.

Jay Stakelon

VP Product Design, Fullscreen

Since 2007 I've been working with Marcus on everything from branding to visual design to product and UX. He's got incredible design intuition and executional chops to match, and he's an absolute joy to collaborate with.